Tumultuous Themes

One of the greatest aspects of a wedding is the ability for the bride and groom to illustrate who they truly are as a couple. Through the use of creativity, couples can transform their wedding into something that uniquely defines who they are.

After some brief research, I wanted to take a moment to share some interesting, and certainly unique, examples of themed weddings.

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Awkward Moments Revisited

Reading my viewer’s comments on awkward wedding moments was certainly nothing less than entertaining. Several people had very funny stories to share. What really struck me was how open and quick people were to share in public embarrassing stories of themselves. I can really appreciate the ability we share in being able to laugh at ourselves.

Furthermore, the wide range of ages within these comments was surprising to me. Awkward wedding moments haven’t just happened to the bride or groom. Your stories and comments demonstrate how these things happen to anyone and everyone. Whether you’re ten, fourteen, twenty-something, or older, we all have to deal with those awkward and embarrassing moments in life. I think Douglas Engelbart had it right when he said:

“The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.”

Lastly, I would like to say, “Thank You!” to anyone and everyone commented on my previous post.

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Awkward Moments

We have all had awkward experiences. You know the ones I’m talking about; realizing your fly is down, walking into the wrong classroom, or having your mom kiss you goodbye at a junior high dance. These are the moments in life that make you want to run from all of humanity. What’s worse is sometimes the setting of these events can further your embarrassment. Weddings are a classic example. We’ve all heard of nightmare experiences of lost wedding bands or ugly bride’s maid dresses.

How about you? What are some of your most awkward wedding moments? I encourage you to share your stories in a comment below.

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An African Wedding

As a Christian student on campus, I am part of a movement called, Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru.). Through Cru., I have had the unique opportunity to travel to Ghana, Africa on a missions project this past summer.  The project was life-changing. My passion for the Lord grew and I had an amazing opportunity to show God’s love across the globe. Furthermore, it has inspired me to learn more about the West African Culture.

West African weddings are unique compared to the traditional American wedding. There are several defining characteristics of a West African wedding, and I will mention a few here:

Family: The significance of family is clearly evident in West African weddings. Unlike in the U.S., Africans tend to view marriage as the joining of two families, not two people. West African weddings are so steeped into the tradition of family, that many West African individuals refuse to marry other individuals not part of the same tribe or ethnic group.

Bridewealth: The practice of bridewealth, or marriage payment, is also very common in the West African society. A bridewealth is a payment given to the bride’s family by the groom. This process is known to ratify the marriage. In most cases, a marriage can’t end in divorce until the bridewealth is paid back.

Polygamy: While not every man has multiple wives, polygamy is still a common practice in many West African countries. More often than not, polygamy is found in the tribal areas where polygamy is more readily accepted. A huge contribution behind polygamy is the diverse religious backgrounds of many West Africans.

Adinkra Symbols: Adinkra symbols actually originated with the Asanted tribe of Ghana. These symbols are placed throughout the wedding ceremony on jewelry, clothing, bowls, etc. to represent different aspects of marriage. For example, the gye nyame symbol signifies the importance of unity and God. It literally stands for, “except for God.” 

Gye Nyame = "except for God"

Attire: West African traditions require not only guests, but the bride and groom to wear bright colors during the wedding ceremony. The colors are usually unique to the family’s tribe and are used to portray the heritages of the joining families.

Overall, West African Weddings are full with tradition. The reality is that each African wedding is so different and unique, it would be nearly impossible to list every West African wedding tradition. Hopefully, this provides a basic look into West African culture.

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Welcome, Weddings, and Why


As a Sociology major at WCU, my studies have instilled in me a growing passion for learning about people and how they connect with others. Probably one of the most intimate ways individuals connect with one another in today’s society is through marriage. In this blog, I intend to share different concepts, traditions, news, and thoughts of weddings from a sociological viewpoint. Furthermore, this blog provides me with an added bonus. As my understanding of weddings deepens, it will help provide me with a means to start planning my own future wedding.

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